Successful Rio Oil & Gas show in Brazil

Rio Oil & Gas 2022

M&O would like to thank everyone who visited us at the Rio Oil & Gas booth in Brazil and made this show a successful event.

Together with the co-exhibitors Remazel, Drillmec, Straub, Stenca, Lufkin, Struthers, Wilhelmsen, ISDB FlowTech, HAI, Ocean Visuals, Belga Marine and GAIA Global, we had four busy days at M&O’s Rio Oil & Gas booth.

Rio Oil & Gas gave us the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and have great meetings with potential new partners and customers.

M&O at Rio Oil & Gas 2022

Also, a special thank you to everyone who made our Happy Hour on the second day a great afternoon. We appreciate the attendance, and we are looking forward to the opportunities that Rio Oil & Gas presented us with.

M&O at NBCC's Networking Dinner

Finally, as a Gold Sponsor of NBCC’s Rio Oil & Gas Networking Dinner, the M&O team attended this spectacular event at the Sugar Loaf together with our guests from Remazel, Drillmec, Wilhelmsen, ISDB, HAI, Ocean Visuals, Miros, Belga Marine, GAIA Global, Gerflor, Enventure and Kabal.

A big thank you to NBCC for organizing such a great event. We are looking forward to repeating this success in 2024.