New opportunities in Brazil

Get access to new opportunities through the main players’ supplier portals in Brazil

Did you know that the main companies in the Oil and Gas sector are migrating their opportunities through electronic portals?

This means that you can register your company with Petrobras and other operators to facilitate the process of selling your solutions in Brazil. It is not as easy as it may sound, but it is worth the effort to register your company if you want to increase sales.

M&O provides registration support in Brazil for companies that wants to access new opportunities via Petrobras’ online portal, Petronect and other industry players’ electronic portals.

As a registered supplier, your company has access to several opportunities every day and can apply in a simplified way to all of them.

At M&O, we have experience with all the registrations of the biggest companies, including Petrobras, Transpetro, Equinor, Mercado Eletronico, Modec, DOF, Ocyan, Achilles, Shipserv, Sistac, Seaproc, Sapura, Ipiranga and SAP Ariba.

Registration at Petronect – Petrobras portal
To obtain the CRC – Petronect supplier certificate – several documents, and the correct completion of the forms, are required. You need to understand Brazilian legislation bureaucracy to go through all the registration steps, and this makes it difficult for foreign companies to finalize the registration process.

With our support, your company can go smoothly through all stages of the legal, financial, and technical process, ensuring that the company is quickly and efficiently approved in the CRC.

Get access to new opportunities with the support from M&O to carry out your registration, handle annual renewal of the CRC, and monitoring of opportunities.

If your company is not registered in the online portals, you are missing out on great opportunities. Contact us today at for more information about how to get your company registered with Petrobras and other players in Brazil.