The M&O Global Network – Accelerate International Growth.

Going international?

Build your international expansion strategy around actual sales opportunities, assisted by local sales experts in each market.

The M&O Global Network will allow you to increase your flexibility to adjust your sales strategy and effort in a changing global market. This will optimize your use of resources strategic approach, as your market develops.

Our established platform will enable you to better maneuver in a complex global market, and provide you with one platform for a multi-market approach.

Reduce cost and time-to-market by using a vetted network of established sales experts, providing you with access to your clients in different markets. By plugging into our CRM platform, you will be able to have all your international opportunities monitored in one place.

M&O Partners can help you to connect to your clients early in your internationalization process, and assist you in building a global successful business. In addition to the current M&O locations in Brazil, Norway, USA and Singapore, the Network will cover a further 10+ markets including UAE, Mexico, Canada, South-Korea and others.

Supplier Benefits.

The Network will provide Suppliers with:

  • Global market access, and the possibility to try out several markets to decide optimal sales strategy.
  • Global lead tracking on one CRM platform.
  • Coordinated, efficient development of several markets in parallel.

Furthermore, M&O will provide strategic and operational internationalization support to Suppliers in the network.

Be Global – Act Local.

  • Experience & Market Position
  • Proven Results
  • A Solid Portfolio of Suppliers
  • Ethics/ABC Compliance

Join the Network.

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