What is the M&O Global Network?

The M&O Global Network is a global network of Suppliers and Sales Partners in the Maritime & Offshore industry, supported strategically and operationally by a global team of industry and sales specialists.

Where should I start my internationalization process?

We coordinate your sales prospecting in various local markets. You will receive reports about market feedback and based on this feedback you will be able to decide on which market(s) to enter, and how to best enter them. Send us an email at global@mopartners.global if you wish to start at discussion about your internationalization process.

Why should I test multiple markets?

By letting M&O assist you in the prospecting of multiple markets, you will save money and time on each market. Moreover, you’ll get increased revenues through multi-market collaboration and cross-referrals.

Why is it good to be global and act local?

The world is changing, offshore projects are becoming more global and the decision-making is not always happening on national level. If you have the right products or services, you want to be able to offer them on a global scale. Still, it is essential to have local people on the ground. With M&O you get access to a global sales network and a local, experienced team to assist you with your international business development.

How does M&O help me reduce costs?

By choosing M&O Partners, you get access to global sales opportunities with just one partner. You don’t need to spent time, resources and money on making agreements with various agents. The M&O Global Sales Network has proven its efficiency and economies of scale through streamlined operations.

Connect to the M&O Global Network and get immediate access to high-performing potential partners in all main markets.

Does M&O only help with my sales development?

No. M&O offers complete service platform, which means that we can help you with your strategic and operational challenges in selected markets.

How can I trust that M&O understands my product or service?

The M&O Global Network is supported strategically and operationally by a global team of industry and sales specialists with many years of experience in the maritime and offshore segments. Furthermore, all main offices have both technical and sales expertise, ensuring the required skills to take on a wide range of projects.

What if I want to enter a market where M&O doesn’t have an office?

We are continuously expanding the network and have new sales partners joining us in different markets. If you don’t find information on our website regarding a specific market, please contact us and we’ll help you find a solution for your business.

If you didn’t find the answer to your questions here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at global@mopartners.global.