Drilling Rigs, Drilling Equipment and Services


Drillmec is an international leader in design, manufacturing and distribution of drilling and workover rigs for onshore and offshore applications as well as a wide range of drilling equipment.

With  more than 100 years of international experience, Drillmec is recognized by customers worldwide for its commitment to continuous improvement through the pursuit of high quality, strong focus on human resources and emphatic efficiency throughout the whole process.

Drillmec offers a comprehensive line of offshore equipment for platforms, jack-ups, barges, semisubmersibles and drill ships that can handle a wide range of E&P and production requirements. From well head to crown, Drillmec supplies mud systems, mud pumps up to 2,200 hp, drawworks packages up to 4,600 hp, control rooms, derricks, pipe handling systems, power tongs, and rotary tables. On top of this, it complete Pre-FEED, FEED and EPC of drilling packages.

Drillmec has solutions for the following categories: Energy Companies, Drilling and Onshore.