New Partner: Scotgrip International

Global specialists in the manufacture of quality anti-slip worksite safety products enters agreement with M&O.

M&O is pleased to announce a new partnership with Scotgrip International, a global supplier of high-quality, industrial anti-slip products to the oil & gas, drilling and shipping industries.

The partnership between M&O and Scotgrip aims to provide the markets in Brazil and Guyana with worksite anti-slip flooring, pipe-walkers for tubulars, deck cargo landing protection mats, and various other anti-slip safety products.

M&O is excited to add to our portfolio another high-quality product that ensure a safer environment for workers onboard vessels, rigs and platforms. With this agreement, we will also be focusing a lot more on a promising market in Guyana, which is a relatively new petroleum producing market and where we see great potential for suppliers such as Scotgrip International to establish themselves in this region.”, says Sales Manager in M&O Brazil, Vitor Máximo.

Professor George Yule, the Chairman of Scotgrip International echoed this and also said “preventing accidents at work is a benefit for all companies and our anti-slip safety products have mitigated slips, trips and falls over many years. We are very pleased to be alongside M&O bringing our products into these regions.

Besides serving the oil & gas and drilling sectors, Scotgrip International also deliver its high-quality safety products to many other industries. Since 2003, Scotgrip International has upheld its ISO14001 quality accreditation & continually invested its efforts and energy into improving sustainability performance and has achieved ‘Carbon Neutral’ accreditation status that aims for reduction of un-necessary manufacturing waste.

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