Reshaping the way valves and connectors are designed

Reliable subsea valves and connectors

Offshore operations in rough environments and demanding applications with respect to temperatures and pressures require valves and connectors of the highest standard. TP-Products’ range of valves and compact connections will give you just that.


Compact Connections
The design of the compact flange is based on international standards and experience achieved through many years of operations and has an innovative design, engineered by experts in Norway.


  • 100% maintenance free
  • Easy, fast & cost-effective
  • High quality

Learn more about the compact connections here.

Subsea Valves & Connectors
High-quality products with the flexibility to meet the client’s specific requirements.

The products are designed according to ISO 10423:2009(E)/API 6A.


  • Subsea ball valves
  • Subsea connectors
  • Hydraulic connectors and Jumpers
  • Check valves

Learn more about the subsea valves and connectors here.

Certified 100% green manufacturer, TP Products is using only power produced from renewable energy sources, and the design, development, production, assembly, and test facilities are all based at one location in Norway.

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