Protecting equipment and properties from fouling and corrosion

Corrosion & Anti-Fouling Protection Systems

If you have offshore structures submerged in the sea, buried in the ground, or exposed to seawater, you know that they are at serious risk of galvanic corrosion and fouling. How to protect your offshore constructions?

With CORROSION, your offshore equipment and properties are consistently protected against fouling and corrosion with applications such as ICAF/MGPS, ICCP, and UV-C coolers. The solutions from CORROSION are applicable to maritime, wind, onshore, and offshore segments.


Anti-fouling and Corrosion solutions

ICAF – MGPS anti-fouling system

CORROSION’s ICAF-MGPS anti-fouling solutions set the standard when it comes to offering high-quality and is a sustainable method for protection against marine fouling.

Choosing sustainable solutions is not only necessary due to environmental regulations but will also make your organization stand out and show your values. Learn more here.

UV-C Cooler anti-fouling system

CORROSION’s innovative UV-C box cooler combines two existing technologies: UV-C light technology, which is based on Philips IP, to eliminate fouling growth; and pillow plate technology to provide highly efficient cooling. This is a unique solution in the market that you can’t find anywhere else. Learn more here.

ICCP solutions

This solution is applicable to all sorts of metal surfaces exposed to water that are vulnerable to corrosion. ICCP CORROSION protection is an increasingly popular method to protect against corrosion. And will help you avoid significant economic cost in terms of replacement or repair, or significant danger in the event of some catastrophic equipment failures. Learn more here.

Sacrificial anodes

For over 100 years, galvanic marine sacrificial anodes have been utilized to protect marine structures. Cast with high-efficiency alloys, sacrificial anodes are lightweight and have a high amperage output.

CORROSION’s anodes are very efficient and don’t need any maintenance during the operating period. For this reason, they do not lead to additional labor costs post-installation, which makes it a cost-efficient solution for your company. Learn more here.

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