JF Strainstall

Wellsite Monitoring Solutions


JF Strainstall is a world leader in the development of innovative monitoring solutions to enhance the safety and performance of your assets.

JF Strainstall’s Wellsite Monitoring Solutions (WMS) have been specifically developed for today’s modern digital oilfield to ensure accurate and safe monitoring.

Drawing on more than 50 years’ experience, JF Strainstall develops and applies innovative technology, including load, strain and stress measuring systems, within a wide range of sectors including oil & gas, marine and offshore wind.

Strainstall has been part of James Fisher and Sons plc since 2006. James Fisher is a leading provider of specialist services to the marine, oil and gas and other high assurance industries worldwide.

JF Strainstall offers solutions for the following categories: Energy Companies, Drilling, Subsea, Oil Service Companies and Offshore Wind.