Thermal pipe insulation to leading global FPSO owner

Stenca closes contract with global FPSO owner.

M&O has facilitated a contract for Danish pipe insulation manufacturer, Stenca with a leading European based FPSO owner.

The Stenca Pipe Solution is a specially designed insulation product for pipe insulation, which is developed and manufactured in Denmark. It is designed to provide a highly effective barrier for thermal and acoustic insulation of pipes, which operates in the temperature range from -50°C to 140°C, and it also virtually eliminates corrosion under insulation.

Besides the high-quality of the products, customers prefer the Stenca solution because it reduces installation time with 50% compared to traditional insulation. Moreover, it is more than 50% lighter than other traditional insulation solutions. Another benefit of the Stenca pipe solution is that it is reusable after inspection.

The Stenca Pipe Solution is DNV Certified and fulfils Norsok R-004 requirements.

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