Safe and reliable, high-quality valves for FPSOs

Safe and reliable, high-quality valves are essential for efficient FPSO operations.

For optimal performance and to avoid valve related issues, you need to be careful when choosing valves for an FPSO. It can be a costly affair to interrupt production due to valve performance, and moreover, problems with valves can cause a risk to the safety onboard the FPSO.

We have selected some of the World’s leading suppliers of ball, gate, globe, check, plug and pressure safety valves for FPSO applications that ensure optimal valve performance.


API 6A and API 6D Manual Ball Valves

Our Italian partner, Valland is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality and tailor-made ball, gate and check valves for oil and gas exploration and production.

The company is known for its high quality, made in Italy valves and for the fast-track delivery.

Valland’s design has been subject to external verification and has been awarded by the following qualifications: Statoil DIB Approved Manufactorer, API 6A, 6D, 6DSS, SIL level 2/3 for Side Entry Ball Valves, Top Entry Ball Valves, Through Conduit Gate Valves.

ball valve


Pressure Safety Relief Valves in Cargo FPSO Tank

BAY Valves is our Danish partner specialized in design and manufacture of innovative devices for pressure & flow control in vessels. BAY Valves covers the whole range of equipment needed for handling the gas side of loading, storage and off-loading i.e. P-V Valves and High Velocity valves for use on floating storage units like FPSO, FSO and their service vessels – Shuttle tankers and PSV.

BAY Valves can also deliver PV Valves custom-made to your specifications.

bay valves


API 594 and 6D Check Valves

Abacus Valves is UK’s leading manufacturer of the most comprehensive range of wafer and nozzle valves.

With the capability to manufacture its valves from an extensive range of materials, Abacus offers attractive delivery time and competitive pricing, and you can be confident that Abacus is your one stop shop for all your check valve needs.

Among Abacus Valves’ references you will find companies such as Equinor, Total, BP and SBM Ofsshore.

abacus valves



API 6A and API 6D Plug Valves

Galli & Cassina is a world leader in design and manufacturing of a complete range of high quality and reliable plug valves.

Galli & Cassina serves the Oil & Gas market worldwide and has become one of the most significant suppliers for international energy companies across the world.

Galli & Cassina Quality Assurance System & HSE according to ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001 & ISO 18001 have been assessed, and is approved and certified by Lloyd’s Register.

References: CNOOC, Equinor, ENI, Maersk and many others.

plug valves


Globe Valves

FIRSA Valves is one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of Steel Gate Globe & Check valves. The manufacturing plant utilizes an extensive range of state-of-the-art computer-controlled design, manufacturing and testing equipment to aid the manufacturing & management control processes.

An extensive product range is available in ratings ANSI 150 lb thru 2500 lb in sizes from 2″ up to 40″. The products are manufactured in an extensive and varied range of materials from Standard Carbon, Chrome Alloys, Austenic, Super Austenic, Duplex, Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Based Alloys and even Titanium. FIRSA Valves is capable of meeting the most demanding requirements.

References: Equinor, Exxon, Halliburton, BP ans SBM Offshore.

firsa valves


Gate Valves

BSM Valves is our Dutch partner and high-quality manufacturer of tailor-made valves including Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, DB&B and Rising Stem valves. BSM Valves manufactures hard-to-obtain valves in a wide range of exotic materials.

BSM Valves produces valves in sizes from ¼” up to 18″ and in pressure ratings of 150lbs up to API 15.000. Temperature ratings range from minus 196 ºC up to 850 ºC.

gate valve

Through our trusted partners, M&O is supplying a wide range of valves that meet the specific requirements of different customers.

We have many years of experience working with the best suppliers of high-quality valves, delivering valves to energy companies, EPC contractors, drilling operators, FPSO owners, vessel owners, oil Services companies and shipyards.

If you want to know more about the suppliers mentioned above or have any specific question related to the valves, please contact us at