Offshore interior with focus on aesthetics

Design your vessel or platform with functional and modern design.

Today, it’s possible to have functional and modern products installed on vessels and platforms without compromising on safety.

At M&O, we work with some of the leading suppliers in the marine and offshore market, who are dedicated to providing safe products, but also to creating aesthetically and functionally pleasing environments for the people working here.

Vinyl floorings and finishes

Streamo is Gerflor’s approved product range of vinyl floorings and finishes dedicated to the marine market, fulfilling the fundamental requirements of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Streamo solutions have been especially developed to enhance the ship interiors and the offshore living quarters. Besides having beautiful products, all new Gerflor product ranges are developed with a view to optimize the environmental impact at every stage of the product’s life “from cradle to grave”. This includes assessment of the manufacture, installation, ongoing maintenance, eventual uplift and recycling of the products. On average, Gerflor products are made of 25% recycled content.

Windows, doors and hatches

With over 30 years of experience, BOHAMET is a world leader in the shipbuilding industry providing windows, doors and hatches in different sizes and shapes for all types of vessels. BOHAMET produce modern designs and all products are GL, DNV, LRS, BV, RINA and ABS approved.

Furthermore, the technological processes used by BOHAMET are free from harmful waste, and the produced steel and non-ferrous metal scrap, wastepaper, plastics and cullet have regular recipients and is subject to re-processing.

Pumpable self-leveling floor screeds

Weber is a World leader in the production of pumpable self-leveling floor screeds. With 30 years of experience and more than 100 million square meters applied worldwide, the Weber flooring range gives you higher performance floors, for any application, quickly and cost-effectively.

Floors on marine applications are subject to extreme stresses, such as knocks, vibrations and tremors, and shrinkage and failure to adhere are common industry problems. With Weber marine floor installed on your vessel or platform you avoid these issues.

The decisive benefits of the Weber range of marine solutions are the efficient properties of the solutions – speed of application and access. The weber range of products is pumpable, reducing the time needed for screeding, installing primary deck covering of 300 – 500 m² per hour, walkable after 1 – 3 hours and laying floor covering after 1 – 3 days.

Interior and environmental LED lighting

Using quality lights on a vessel is a matter of safety. With focus on technology and design, Daeyang provides the best in industry, interior and environmental LED lighting for offshore plants and naval ships. LED technology is not only bringing down your energy consumption but is also more environmentally friendly.

With a modern design, Daeyang provides everything from explosion proof LED lights and Exit lights to decorative ceiling light and wall and desk light.

Acoustic insulation with noise-reducing effects

Excessive noise on ships or platforms can lead to a stressful working environment resulting in reduced working capacity and health issues for offshore workers. It can also increase the risk of other injuries if communication between employees is disturbed by a very high noise level.

Stenca offers a wide variety of different acoustic solutions such as acoustic pipe insulation, valve- and flange insulation – all NORSOK standards.

By using Stenca Pipe insulation for noise reduction, you will achieve a better suppression performance, than with the traditional known methods.

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