6 ways to make your vessel operations more efficient

Increase vessel efficiency with innovative solutions.

More efficiency in vessel operations is something that everyone wants. Vessel owners want cost-reductions, and more energy efficient operations can help the transition towards a low carbon future, which is good for the environment.

It all lies in the hands of new technology and innovative solutions that makes vessel operations safer and more efficient, while reducing operation costs.

Here we have selected 6 ways that can be applied to your vessel to make operations more efficient, save costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

  1. Low energy consumption and high-performance pumps

By being more thoughtful when choosing pumps for your vessel, you can make operations more efficient and lower CO2 emissions.

Pump manufacturer DESMI has developed a range of pumps that covers all marine applications and ensures a trouble-free operation and high performance. The pumps guarantee you a minimum down-time period and at the same time the low energy consumption that they require, will help you lower your vessel’s CO2 emissions.

Another solution from the same supplier that also helps to save energy and reduce costs is the intelligent control of your cooling water system. The cooling water system on-board vessels is designed for operation in 32°C seawater and 100% engine load and the auxiliary equipment runs as if this condition is permanent. However, the seawater temperatures of the oceans are not 32°C all over the world. In fact, there are only a few areas where these conditions are present. This means that the cooling system in 95% of operation time is absorbing too much energy. With this cooling water system, you will save up to 90% energy and prolong the lifetime of your pumps due to less wear and tear.


  1. Integrated Automation and Power Management systems

With the commitment to create smarter, cleaner, more efficient ships, the Norwegian marine technology specialist Høglund offers customers new levels of performance and reliability, while protecting the environment for future generations. Høglund is an innovative company that creates automation and energy solutions that ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations for any vessel type.

One of the benefits of using Høglund’s Integrated Automation System, Power Management System and Ship Performance Monitor is cost reduction. When you have integrated systems that collect and store information in one place, problem-solving becomes faster and you avoid mistakes that can be costly. Furthermore, trouble shooting can be done remotely, which also is cost saving for the vessel owner.


  1. Digitize your inspection and maintenance

Danish software company, SafeEx helps you gain real-time data and quality assurance of all your routines through the combination of RFID technology, handheld devices and the SafeEx software. This solution makes operations safer and the efficiency of your inspection and maintenance routines increases. The software creates a full electronic audit trail, enabling you to know exactly what is going on where and when.

By minimizing paper waste, lowering injury statistics, and avoiding downtime, this solution ensures a much more efficient, transparent and safe way of running operations.


  1. Smarter ship operations with fleet management software

By using a fleet management software that make your operations smarter you increase operational efficiency, control, and safety.

The TM Master software from Tero Marine is a crucial tool for shipowners, not only as an instrument for asset management, but also as a business intelligence resource. Based on thousand years of Norwegian shipping knowledge, Tero Marine’s product range includes systems for planned maintenance, procurement, crew management and quality and environment.

A robust database at the core of the system is used for data storage and shared by all the modules. This ensures that all your information is available at your fingertips, regardless of which application you are using.

TM Master is the great tool for shipowners that want to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of their operations.


  1. Intelligent valves control

Intelligent control translates to improved performance and increased safety. Our Norwegian partner, Eltorque offers valve and flow control systems with high operational efficiency, based on precise and real-time feedback from the actuators and take advantage of their built-in functionalities.

The Eltorque solution offers an unsurpassed level of flexibility. You may configure parameters like torque, closing speed and positioning quickly and precisely, and at the same time, you receive detailed and real-time status feedback on all valves. This ensures more efficient valve performance, which also increases vessel energy efficiency.


  1. Thermal insulation of vessels and tanks

It is often the lack of insulation that causes considerable heat loss and waste of energy. Proper insulating of a vessel not only reduces heating and cooling costs, but also improves comfort since it is able to reduce vibrations and noise in and around the ship.

Besides having these qualities, the insulations solutions offered by Stenca reduces installation time with 50% compared to traditional insulation. Moreover, the insulation material used by Stenca is more than 50% lighter than other traditional insulation solutions, which make the vessel lighter and means less fuel consumption.


Thriving for more efficiency while keeping operations safe is good for vessel owners, their employees and the environment.

If you want to know more about the above-mentioned solutions for more efficient vessel operations, please don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@mopartners.global.