R&D Market in Brazil

ISdB FlowTech and M&O are jointly supporting international players with R&D interests towards the Brazilian O&G market.

R&D Opportunities

Huge R&D market potential, with over USD300m spent in O&G projects in 2017 alone, despite the downturn; 2018 is expected to be a turning year for the Brazilian O&G industry.

Local rules force oil producers to invest in R&D at least 1% of gross revenues from the so-called highly productive fields.

At least 50% of such R&D funds must be channeled through accredited non-profit institutions and universities.

Since 1997, Brazil’s O&G industry has invested USD 4 billion in 10 thousand different R&D projects.

After successful oil auctions in 2017—attracting oil majors such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Total – as well as a brighter outlook for 2018, the R&D obligations are only set to increase and, to some extent, diversify away from Petrobras/Cenpes.

Offerings and Solutions

  • Structuring, Managing and Executing R&D projects and technical partnerships.
  • Assessing the specific market potential for your firm to tap into local R&D funds.
  • Mapping the main relevant technology players in Brazil.
  • Finding local partners with complementary technologies/needs.
  • Testing the market for the local impact/ readiness of your firm’s technology.
  • Making the case/increasing demand for your company’s offerings.
  • Handling all regulatory and bureaucratic requirements with ANP and customers.


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