Tero Marine – TM Master® Software

TM Master Fleet Management

TM Master is a fully integrated marine information system, comprising modules for ship maintenance, procurement, human resources and quality assurance.

The software suite has been designed to facilitate storage, editing and retrieval of information, supporting ship owners or manager’s operations from planning through execution.

Tero Marine has developed fleet management software for the shipping industry for more than three decades. The TM Master suite, has established itself as one of the leading brands in the business.

TM Master is today a crucial tool for shipowners all over the world, not only as an instrument for asset management, but also as a business intelligence resource.

More than 2000 TM Master systems have been licensed worldwide, catering to a variety of customers, from the Brazilian navy to advanced tankers, workboats and offshore vessels.

No matter what part of shipping you belong to – Tero Marine can assist you in making your operations smarter.

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Tero Marine also offers Training Courses to user of TM Master.

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