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SUB-FLEX™ Cable Protection Systems

Subsea Energy Solutions have patented a dynamic vertebrae bend restrictor known as SUBFLEX™. SUBFLEX™ Cable Protection Systems is a split bend restrictor that functions like a continuous bend stiffener and can be retro-fit to any subsea cable or risers.

Location: Installation onto any risers underneath FPSO vessel hulls. SUBFLEX™ Cable Protection Systems can also be utilised on any cables, umbilical’s or flying leads within free span locations.

Development: Sought industry advice and took into consideration requirements such as purchase cost, rapid offshore assembly, rapid installation, elimination of maintenance requirements and standardisation of components.

Function: Requires an applied load / force to achieve product deflection, opposite to the function of Static Vertebrae Bend Restrictors Function : provides stiffness / stiction / resistance against applied loads / forces, therefore providing enhanced protection to the subsea asset.

Flexibility: Load / force resistance value can be easily adjusted. Clients can select identical (homogeneous) elements or similar (non-homogeneous) elements throughout the assembly, therefore designing the product to specifically suit the dynamic sea state condition underneath any specific FPSO hull.

Strength: Offers standard assembly length of approx. 6 mtrs, bending moments in excess of > 500 kNm (50 Te / mtr) and shear capacity in excess of > 500 kN (50Te).


  • Provides significantly increased levels of bending, shear and fatigue protection to tied-in / connected-up, risers, cables, umbilical’s, against dynamic topside deployments, subsea installations and dynamic sea-state’s.
  • Will increases the design life of cables, umbilical’s and risers, hence saving significant time, cost and resource, procuring and installing replacement cables, umbilical’s and risers.
  • Retro-fit system and fully corrosion resistant materials (polyurethane & titanium bolts, compatible with FPSO hull CPS system) Benefit : modular / handleable” system, simple & easy for diver installation.

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