PIC – BioZonal


Wax removal in Deepwater pipelines is virtually unachievable by mechanical pigging or chemical treatment.

Sustainable Biological Chemicals

  • High-efficiency Biocracking Technology
  • In-situ CO2 Stimulation

PIC’s proprietary BioZonal microorganism is genetically modified to remove wax deposits on pipeline surfaces via digestive and enzymatic mechanisms at temperatures below 40°F.

Wax deposits are synthesized from source crudes and tested in a bioreactor at low dosage continuous injection. Removal rates greater than 90% are achievable in 4 to 6 days.

There are no MIC/biomass risks and the enzyme is a superior demulsifier and desalting compound.

Treatments function with small volumes and at low temperatures. Genetically altering the microorganisms to suit the specific well or pipeline conditions ensures a successful treatment.

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