Petreven – Workover Operations

Workover Operations

Petreven has a long-standing tradition in offering a range of workover operations. Over the past 5 years, the company performed more than 250 workovers and well completions for different companies in South America.

Petreven performs:

  • Replacement of down-hole pumps
  • Rinsing of sand plugs across perforations
  • Removal of scale or wax deposits
  • Special completions (installation of rotary down-hole pumps, down-hole pressure gauges and bridge plugs)
  • Repairs of disposal wells and cementation operations
  • Isolation of produced horizons
  • Development of new and high-pressure horizons
  • Well stimulation via acid treatment and hydraulic fracturing
  • Special completions (packer assemblies, subsurface safety valves, etc.)
  • Well performance testing
  • Completion of underground injection-withdrawal wells, including casing, milling, under-reaming, gravel packing.
  • Final completion of the well with gas-tight tubing and packer assembly outfitted with a subsurface safety valve.

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