LIFTMAN™ FOLD – Product information

Certified Pneumatic Personal Lift

LIFTMAN FOLD is challenging the traditional way and process of doing maintenance and related work at height. It saves time, cost and keeps the workers safe at all times. Immediate Return of Investment by reducing the need for scaffolding.

Controls and compressed air outlet inside the cage

  • Work table with bar to secure tools while working at height.
  • No need for additional hoses for air tools from ground level.

Built in safety features:

  • Emergency lowering-function.
  • Will not work if the outrigger isn’t in correct position and engaged.
  • Will not work if the foldable mast is not in the correct position and locked.
  • The brakes are automatically engaged when the handle is released.

Can be used both indoors and outdoors

  • Outdoors: max 12 m/s wind
  • Indoors: built in threshold passer for easy access
  • Outdoors; if compressed air is not available the LIFTMAN FOLD can be delivered with brackets for “air tanks”/diving tank


  • ATEX compliant for Zone 2. Can be used where gas and fume are present.
  • The LIFTMAN FOLD is both CE- and UL-certified Notifying bodies TÜV and UL.

Easy service and maintenance

  • Daily – on site (check)
  • Weekly – on site (check)
  • 6 months – on site (check & lubrication of lifting cylinders)
  • Every 12 months – OEM (inspection, service and maintenance by (recommended))


The LIFTMAN FOLD requires only air supply and a reasonable flat floor to operate.

UP/DOWN-function can be used even when the mast is folded.

Learn more about LIFTMAN FOLD Access Platform Specifications.

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