LIFTMAN™ FOLD – Benefits

Benefits of using LIFTMAN FOLD’s pneumatic personal lift

The portable Liftman Fold pneumatic lift system offer many features and benefits to the customer:

  • Better safety for the operator when performing work at height.
  • Manual steering and movement.
  • An extra outlet for air tools inside the basket.
  • Foldable mast for easy access to narrow passages and to enter inside buildings.
  • Can also be operated (up/down) when mast is folded.
  • Can be used indoors and out doors – flexible solution.
  • Built in safety features.
  • Twin wheels as option (where wide grating is present).
  • Folding function enables passage through lower doors etc.
  • Entirely pneumatically operated.
  • Occupies a minimum of floor space.
  • Sharp turning circle for easy access.
  • Controls and air outlet inside the cage.
  • Outriggers are standard.
  • Delivered ready-to-use.
  • CE, CAS and UL certified (executed by TÜV and UL).
  • ATEX compliant

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