John Gjerde – Water Trap

Water Trap – Liquid Water Trap

The John Gjerde water trap has been designed to prevent water loss from the stability tanks, preventing any decrease in the stability of the ship.

In severe weather conditions, which will cause a lot of rolling and pitching of the ship, the John Gjerde water trap will prevent the accidental discharge of water through the air pipe heads.

A John Gjerde water trap is placed underneath the air pipe heads.

This construction can also be used for ballast water tanks or tanks where similar situations could occur.

Another positive side effect is that when the John Gjerde water trap is combined with our AERO and HIDE air pipe head (with the patented HIDE technology), extremely high inlet air speeds can be faced and so called ‘suction blocking’, e.g. vacuuming of the oat, will no longer occur.

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John Gjerde also delivers Mud Chambers.

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