ISDB FlowTech – Artificial Lift and Flow Technology

Artificial Lift and Flow Technology

ISDB FlowTech offers expertise in modeling and simulation (1D and CFD) of complex well flows in tubing and associated equipment (pumps, valves, ICDs, etc).

During field development, the use of artificial lifting methods in oil and gas production wells is often necessary. These may involve, for example, the use of gas lift, Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs), etc.

In order to support well stream, the injection of production chemicals such as foamers, demulsifiers, inhibitors, is also frequently performed. These aspects contribute to creating complex fluid flow systems in the wells, involving multiphase flows, emulsions, foams, particles, etc.

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ISDB FlowTech also has expertise in Multiphase Production and Flow Assurance.

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