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Marine Automation Solutions

With owners having to make smart decisions on how to manage costs, one particularly effective option to consider is updating automation systems on board their vessels. By doing so, many of the reliability and performance benefits of a newbuild are also brought onto older generation of ships in their fleet, delivering much needed financial resilience for comparatively low capex.

Over the years, maintaining systems that should be saving you money becomes an unacceptable financial burden. With time, the cost of maintaining an old system will outweigh the cost of installing an entirely new automation system onboard.

Hoglund provides safe, reliable and efficient operations for any vessel type.

  • Integrated Automation System (IAS)
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Ship Performance Monitor (SPM)
  • Power Fault Control (PFC)
  • Valve Control System (VCS)
  • Compressor Control System (CCS)
  • Engine Control and Safety System (ECS)
  • HVAC Control System (HCS)
  • Prilog – Alarm and event logger
  • Playback & Fast Data Capture
  • cSafe Firewall

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