Baker Hughes NovaLT – Gas Turbines

Gas Turbines

High efficiency and flexibility
NovaLT™ turbines can reach over 37% efficiency in simple-cycle configuration, and up to 85% in cogeneration configuration, thanks to the high exhaust temperature that makes it the ideal solution in industrial and combined heat and power applications.

New standards in availability and reliability
With only 45 days needed for installation, an exceptional 35,000-hour mean time between maintenance, and 24-hour engine swap capability, NovaLT™ turbines are the best options for availability and reliability.

Environmental impact
NovaLT™ turbines manufacturing activities alone (including factory acceptance tests) had 16% average lower GHG emissions for NovaLT™12 and 35% average lower for NovaLT™16 versus previous technologies such as compared to PGT10 turbine. In addition the turbines are specifically designed to perform at 9ppm NOx @15%O2 emissions for natural gas fuel (from 50% to 100% load), in both mechanical drive and power generation applications.

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NovaLT Gas Turbines product brochure in English.

NovaLT Gas Turbines product brochure in Portuguese.

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