Eye-share – Software Product Portfolio

Distribute invoices electronically in a predefined workflow.

Eye-share Portfolio:

  • Invoice
  • Capture
  • General Ledger
  • Requisition
  • Contract
  • Travel
  • AFE
  • Archive
  • Mobile
  • Report
  • SharePoint Webparts
  • Cloud
  • Advisory
  • Support

More functionality with add-ons

Many companies use additional modules for extra functionality tailored for their company and industry.

  • Eye-share AFE (Authorization for Expenditure): AFE is a module developed for customers in the Oil & Gas industry, and will make the approval process easier during investments in equipment.
  • Eye-share Mobile: With a high degree of travelling among approvers in the industry, Eye-share Oil & Gas lets you approve on the move with eye-share Mobile to make the process more effective.
  • Eye-share Archive: A generic Archive solution will store documents electronically and make them searchable, providing less clutter and saving time and money.
  • Eye-share Report: KPI Reporting gives instant access to a multitude of data to unveil performance problems or bottlenecks in the account payable process (for companies interested in monitoring and finetuning processes and for companies processing over 20 000 invoices).
  • Eye-share General Ledger: A module to store general ledger postings made directly in ERP.

Eye-share ‘s invoice handling process is tailored for the Oil & Gas industry.

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