Anda-Olsen – FlexiPro

Anda Power Solutiosn FlexiPro

The APS Flexi Pro series is produced from 10 to 300kVA. The distinctive features and brilliant solutions of this model makes them easier to fit, as the cabinets require far less floor spacing than other UPS systems.

This model has no requirement for access from all sides of the cabinet, since all components can be accessed from the front of the cabinet. The components can be easily pulled out from the front for inspection or replacement. Therefore, the rest of the cabinet can be fitted close to other installation on both sides and the back. It is built in a very robust enclosure that can be ordered in any colour, and it can also be delivered with IP range from IP22 up to IP67.

This means that Flexi Pro is a very flexible, professional and unique product, that are suitable for all uses, and especially for industrial, maritime and offshore.

  • All-in-one system
  • Compact design
  • Simple installation
  • Option to specially adapt input and output distribution
  • Designed for demanding environments
  • IP 22 minimum
  • Wide frequency tolerance
  • High efficiency
  • Comprehensive monitoring options
  • Built-in isolation transformers possible
  • Wide software and connectivity options

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