Repair Solutions for Marine and Offshore


Wencon specializes in the development of epoxy products for rebuilding and surface protection of metal exposed to corrosion, galvanic corrosion, cavitation, wear or breakage in maritime and offshore applications.

Wencon offers easy to use solutions for high temperature and underwater and wet conditions. Be insured against downtime with Wencon Repair Kit on board your vessel for permanent and temporary repairs.

All Wencon’s products and repair systems hold classification society certificates and approvals from all the major societies. The entire product line is approved for repairs and protection of metal by; RINA, DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas and ABS.

With 30 years of experience and know-how, Wencon’s goal is to help you to perform your repair tasks quickly and effectively and thereby reduce downtime. Wencon focuses on recycling and maintenance in order for you to save money and time, while acting sustainably.

M&O carries stock of Wencon products, and can assist you in finding optimal solutions for your repair needs.

For Wencon inquiries

Norway: norway@mopartners.global

USA: usa@mopartners.global

Other markets: global@mopartners.global