Stenca pipe insulation to leading FPSO owner in West Africa

New contract to Stenca, manufacturer of thermal pipe insulation.

M&O has facilitated a significant contract for thermal pipe insulation to a leading FPSO operator in West Africa.

Developed in Denmark, Stenca’s insulation solution is designed to provide a highly effective barrier for thermal and acoustic insulation of piping and tanks operating in the temperature range from -50°C to 140°C.

In use by leading energy European asset owners since the late 1990’s, Stenca’s product has shown extraordinary ability to avoid corrosion under insulation (CUI), leading to significantly reduced maintenance over the lifetime of the asset.

Another reason why more asset owners are preferring Stenca is the reduced installation time – Stenca is installed in less than 50% of the time compared with conventional insulation products.

Stenca Pipe has proven to be uniquely effective against CUI, and our solution has been implemented for leading global asset owners”, says Sten Hunt Guldberg, Managing Director of Stenca.

The Stenca Pipe Solution is DNV Certified and was developed to attend to NORSOK requirements. Stenca also has a product for insulation of high temperature systems, Stenca HT.

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