New partner: Techno Dive

Safe and Efficient Subsea Work

M&O is pleased to present Techno Dive as our newest partner.

Since 1976, Techno Dive has gathered comprehensive knowledge of underwater services for the oil & gas industry and the company have accumulated an extensive reference library of projects performed globally.

Techno Dive has special competency in thruster replacement and maintenance, and has the know-how to handle all thruster types with a combination of advanced lifting systems, professional diving standards and special mechanical expertise.

The partnership between Techno Dive and M&O aims to provide such thruster services, blinding and overhaul replacement of valves and sea chests, dry habitat solutions and other specialized subsea work to the industry worldwide.

Techno Dive is headquartered in Norway and has cooperation partners in Africa, South America and Asia.

If you want to know more about Techno Dive and its subsea works solutions, please contact us at