M&O Networking Nights 2024

M&O Networking Nights 7th edition

M&O Networking Nights is the best happy hour, taking place during OTC in Houston, where M&O and sponsors bring together hundreds of offshore energy professionals from all over the World to build new networks and strengthen business relationships.

The 7th edition of M&O Networking Nights is sponsored by:

Ace Well Technology

Ace’s “On-Pipe” drilling and completion tools lock to pipe with unprecedented holding force. Our patented solutions are reliable and economical alternatives to centralizer subs and other sub-based products. To date, Ace has delivered over 45,000 units in the harshest deepwater environments around the globe.

Enventure Global Technology

Enventure Global Technology solid expandable technology provides crucial options for drilling and production operations. From mitigating trouble zones in complex offshore wells to simple corrosion repair in shallow onshore wells – expandable technology provides innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Gaia Global

Transforming international B2B relationships by uniting workstreams between suppliers and partners – for growth and risk mitigation.

Lufkin Gears

Lufkin Gears and Allen Gears bring a deep history of industry-leading technology to demanding high-speed mechanical-drive, turbo machinery. In Lufkin we provide solution and services for the most complex power transmission challenges.

Miros Group

Miros is a pioneering leader in ocean surface measurement, delivering unparalleled insights through cutting-edge sensor technologies and data analytics. We empower offshore industries with accurate, real-time measurements for a deeper understanding of surface dynamics, reduced downtime, and enhanced performance.

Solve Energies

SOLVE Energies brings intelligent and sustainable solutions in offering Mechanized Cleaning, Inspection and Repair services for onshore and offshore industrial assets.
Through our subsidiaries, SOLVE Cleaning and SOLVE Engineering, we complete the cycle in offering Mechanized Cleaning + Inspection + Repair services, from a single company, mitigating errors and enhancing the efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Stavanger Engineering

Stavanger Engineering is an international leading multidiscipline company which delivers cost efficient solutions within material handling, well intervention, lifting and handling, innovative mechanical solutions and automation.

Stenca Solutions

Stenca provides an efficient pipe insulation solution to avoid Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). Stenca is also known for significantly shortened installation time, reduced weight as well as reusability of the insulation throughout the lifetime of the asset.

Struthers Energy & Power

Struthers is a supplier of Innovative Patented Energy Recovery Plant. Our CWHRU’s and CHRSG’s are acknowledged as the best available solution for energy recovery on and offshore.

Weber Marine & Offshore

Weber Saint-Gobain serving the Marine & Offshore industry worldwide with over 30 years’ experience of providing High-Performance IMO certified flooring solutions.


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