M&O is celebrating 10 years anniversary

A decade of helping maritime and offshore companies doing business in Brazil.

In 2009, M&O was founded in Rio de Janeiro, as a part of the Inventure Management group with the objective to be the preferred partner for foreign maritime and offshore companies wanting to do business in Brazil. This included conduction of market research, development of strategies for the Brazilian market and local company establishment, but most importantly; developing opportunities for our clients in a transparent and ethical manner. 

Being founded by Norwegians, it was only natural to start off with Scandinavian maritime and offshore clients looking to come to Brazil. In fact, one of our first clients was the Norwegian company Kongsberg, that we assisted in developing their own subsidiary in Brazil. 

We have executed the local company establishment in Brazil for many international companies and took on business development projects to support maritime and offshore ventures with their strategy in Brazil. 

As the Brazilian maritime and offshore market was growing, we identified a great demand for local technical sales support, and M&O Partners became our sales representation company with focus on selling equipment, services and software to the Brazilian maritime, offshore and subsea industry.

Based on a more sustainable approach to entering the Brazilian market and by means of a sales team with great technical knowledge, M&O Partners grew quickly and has worked with more than 80 maritime and offshore companies from 16 different countries over the last 10 years. 

In 2017, we started with the developing a new concept based on a systematic methodology, that provides companies with one platform for a multi-market approach for effective market penetration, we call this international platform; M&O Global. 

M&O Global is still under development, and has so far led to the establishment of activities in several new markets. In addition to our main setup in Brazil, we have market presence in Norway, USA and Singapore. Our goal is to be the international market development partner for our clients, in the global maritime and offshore markets. 

At M&O, we are proud and grateful for the past 10 years, especially towards our clients and partners. It’s been a wonderful journey and many amazing people and companies have been involved. A big thank you from all of us at M&O to all the companies that have trusted us along the way. 

We are ready for many more years to come!