Increase sales through online portals in Brazil

Online portals in Brazil

The main companies in the energy and offshore sectors are migrating their opportunities through online portals, and your company can be registered to participate.

As a registered supplier with Petrobras and other companies, your company has access to several opportunities every day and can apply to them in a simplified way.

M&O helps you save time and avoid bottlenecks by managing your registration process to quickly access new opportunities and submit proposals correctly.


CRC – Petrobras supplier certificate

CRC Petrobras – APS Parafusos, Ferramentas e Ferragens

To access Petrobras’ public bids and present proposals in Petronect, you need the Petrobras supplier certificate, CRC. Your company can obtain the certificate by submitting the company documents required and filling out the mandatory application forms.

Going through the registration steps can be tricky if you don’t understand Brazilian legislation bureaucracy, making it can be difficult for foreign companies to finalize the registration process.

Outsourcing your registration will save you many hours trying to understand a complex system and avoid any issues that may arise during the process of registry or proposal submission. You want to make sure that your company goes efficiently through all stages of the legal, financial, and technical process, ensuring the approval of CRC.

M&O can provide you with portal registration support and assist you in monitoring the opportunities relevant to your business, helping you in every phase of the bidding – from applying to an opportunity to the approval or declining of the opportunity.

Besides the Petronect portal, we also have experience with portals from other operators such as Transpetro, Equinor, Mercado Eletronico, Modec, DOF, Ocyan, Achilles, Shipserv, Sistac, Seaproc, Sapura, Ipiranga and SAP Ariba.

Don’t miss out on the opportunities to sell to the Brazilian market. Contact us today for more information about how to get your company registered with Petrobras and other players in Brazil at