Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023

M&O participating in Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023.

The 23rd edition of Baker Hughes’ Annual Meeting has begun. With 1700 participants, the event that takes place in Italy is gathering energy and industry speakers from around the globe. The main topics on the agenda is sharing views of energy transitions and solutions, CO2 reductions and how to prepare for the future of the energy industry.

M&O is very excited to participate in this event which offers great opportunities for networking with global industrial leaders. Furthermore, we are looking forward to take part in the discussions about new levels of efficiency and how to ensure emission reductions in a sustainable way for oilfield, gas and industrial segments.

“Participating in Baker Hughes Annual Meeting 2023 means that we have great opportunities to discuss important agendas on energy transitions, CO2 reductions and new energy solutions such as 100% hydrogen turbine solutions. As a Channel Partner, we can strengthen our relationships with local and global Baker Hughes representatives and management, and meet with clients at this high-level event here in Florence, Italy”, says Jan Lomholdt, Chairman of M&O Brazil.


NovaLT™ 16 gas turbine.

It is a pleasure to join AM 2023 event for the first time. We are really excited to develop Lufkin Gears and NovaLT turbines business in Brazil. I’d like to thank Andy Marque and Maximiliano Carrillo for their collaboration. 2023 is just beginning”, says Vitor Máximo, Sales Manager for Nova LT and Lufkin Gears at M&O Brazil.

Gas turbine

Vitor Máximo and Jan Lomholdt with the NovaLT™ 16 gas turbine.

As Channel Partner for NovaLT™ turbines and Lufkin Gears gearboxes in Brazil, M&O supports the international expansion by building strong connections with the targets in Brazil and identifying new opportunities.

“Working side by side with M&O has been a great professional experience. M&O has successfully been our channel partner for Lufkin before becoming NovaLT turbine Channel Partner. M&O brings a lot of market expertise and commercial intensity, looking for new customers and exploring new market segments. Looking forward to develop new businesses in the industrial segment in Brazil using NovaLT turbines”, says Maximiliano Carrillo, Sr. Sales Manager Nova Gas Turbines Latin America.

Being a representative of NovaLT is part of M&O’s strategy to partake in the energy transition and to represent innovative companies that provide new solutions for more sustainable operations.

NovaLT gas turbines does just that. NovaLT is setting new standards in efficiency, availability, reliability, and flexibility, while minimizing total costs of ownership. The turbines can reach over 37% efficiency in simple-cycle configuration, and up to 85% in cogeneration configuration, thanks to the high exhaust temperature that makes it the ideal solution in industrial and combined heat and power applications.

Our partnership with Lufkin Gears focusses on providing the Brazilian market with reliable gearing solutions. Lufkin Gears is known worldwide for dependability and performance that boost uptime and improve reliability while driving down maintenance costs.

Thanks to Lufkin Gear we can provide the Brazilian industries with reliable power transmission technologies and services to solve the unique needs of every application across industry segments.

Lufkin Gears

Lufkin Gears Gearbox

M&O would like to thank the Baker Hughes organization for an interesting and informative event. We look forward to returning in 2024.

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