VideoRay – UWILD Vessel Inspection

Offshore ROVs – UWILD Inspections

The VideoRay ROV is an exceptional solution for UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry-dock) applications.

With powerful thrusters, stability through the hull crawling attachment, and wide range of sonar options, an experienced operator, working with a classification society inspector and USCG representative on deck, can complete a vessel inspection in less than two hours. This saves time, money, and allows efficient scheduling of ships.

UWILD inspections can be completed offshore in clearer water or in lower visibility port environments with imaging sonar options.  Either way, the VideoRay Pro 4 offers a rapid, portable, and cost-effective solution to UWILD inspection needs and can usually be completed with one operator.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (PDF)

VideoRay also offers FPSO Vessel Inspection.

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