Extreme Microbial Technologies – Indoor air purification

Indoor air purification and surface decontamination

The proprietary Peroxide Energy Clusters (PEC) technology used in its industrial, commercial and domestic product offerings reduces concentrations of microbes in the air and on surfaces up to 99%.

EMT provides air purification units that are easy to install and configurable to existing HVAC systems or wall mounted.

The technology deploys a proprietary process that produces pathogen-effective Peroxide Energy Clusters. Using ventilated or natural air flows, the entire indoor space is flooded with PECs that actively seek and destroy microbes throughout the air and on surfaces, continually deactivating pathogens and disinfecting the volume space.

Unlike other types of microbial protections available, such as fogging or ultraviolet light systems and HEPA filtration, the technology does not rely on contaminants being drawn into a filter, chemical exposure
or line-of-sight irradiation device. Installation is fast, cost effective and once completed the system runs 24/7 and is worry-free for 2 years with minimal maintenance required.

Extreme Microbial Technologies’ solutions are also proven effective against Covid-19.

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