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Produced Water & Injection Water Treatment

Artes Ingegneria is able to provide design, manufacturing and commissioning of a full range of products that could set the “state-of-the-art” solution in Produced Water & Injection Water treatment.

Treatment of produced water is mainly based upon a sequence of stages according to the influent oil and solid content. The first stage is characterized by a de-oiling unit arranged on oil interceptors (coalescing plates or tilted plates type) or flotation units.

In order to achieve the maximum purity from solid particle, downstream the first stage an extremely accurate filtration process is employed. Walnut shell filters are particularly suitable for this application assuring removal of up to 98% of the contaminants present in the feed water.

The possibility to treat “produced water” is, from one point of view, a way to reduce the impact on the environment; from the other a strong possibility to increase production of oil and therefore profitability.

In some cases Produced Water is not enough to cope with the demand of water to be injected in the oil basin to keep the pressure high. Specific Injection Water treatment systems are designed for this purpose featuring in particular vacuum degassing, fine filtration and chemical conditioning.

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