Apply Capnor – Services and Products

Services and Products

Apply Capnor offers specialist laser scanning and traditional surveying services to oil & gas, chemical and power industries as well as civil, architecture and heritage preservation sectors.

The scope of Apply Capnor’s services includes:

  • 3D laser scanning
  • Panorama pictures
  • Electronic measurements
  • Master Grid
  • Surface and volume calculations
  • Point clouds
  • 3D CAD models
  • Mesh models
  • Intelligent models (PDMS / E3D)
  • PDMS / E3D administration
  • Ayelix / Virtual Asset Solutions
  • Visualizations
  • Clash detection
  • Engineering
  • Prefab dimensional control

Apply Capnor has executed over 3000 projects mainly for facility owners, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, assembly, operation and maintenance parties.

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