New partner: Chero Piping

Italian manufacturer of forged fittings enters partnership with M&O Brazil.

We are excited to announce a new commercial partnership with the Italian manufacturer of forged fittings, Chero Piping.

Chero Piping designs and manufactures high-quality forged fittings for the oil & gas, onshore, offshore, chemical and petrochemical industries.

With a great stock availability of finished products in carbon, low temp, low alloys and stainless-steel materials and an inventory of raw materials in grades such as duplex, super duplex, nickel and nickel-chrome alloys, Chero Piping can provide flexible and quick deliveries.

What makes Chero Piping a preferred supplier is its market know-how and a R&D team, which is dedicated to creating new and customized solutions according to the customer’s specific needs and/or strict requirements for pressure piping components.

The unique customization capability improves performance and create cost savings to the customer’s benefit.

With this partnership M&O aims to provide the Brazilian energy, maritime and offshore industries with high-quality and customized products that have been design and manufactured in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Italy. Furthermore, the products have gone through various tests by qualified and certified personnel and are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.11 and BS 3799.

Besides forged fitting, Chero Piping can also provide insulating joints, branch reinforced fittings, valves, piping bulks and skid to the industry.

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