Improve the lifetime value of your vessel

By installing integrated systems that improve the lifetime value of your vessel, Høglund ensures reliable performance and lower operating costs. Høglund’s systems are designed around the lifespan of a ship, rather than a throwaway technology cycle, meaning that customers will be able to rely on Høglund’s products for 20 years or more.

With head office located in Tønsberg, Norway, Høglund provides automation and energy solutions that ensure safe and efficient operations for any vessel type.

Effective automation and system integration can unlock significant efficiency gains for a vessel. All systems found on modern vessels need to communicate, utilizing the capacity in all rotating machines onboard and keeps running-hours to a minimum. Integrated Power Management
Systems (PMS) plays an important role in controlling all heavy energy consumers onboard and communicating between bridge and propulsion system and optimising power used onboard.

As well as propulsion units, automation systems help manage energy consumption in other essential hardware groups such as the engine cooling units. Daily, these units often run on low loads with relatively high spare capacity. Effective automation improves the efficiency of these

This is relevant for ships operating in colder climates, with reduced demand for chiller units when utilizing cold seawater. The system must be able to automatically close off and “fine- tune” the cooler to prevent excessive use when it is unnecessary.

Automatic control of chiller units based on temperature and power availability also increases potential great saving of fuel each year.

Reducing fuel consumption has always been a major challenge in the shipping industry. Now, perhaps more than ever, identifying vessel inefficiencies becomes a central issue for any ship owner, looking to secure the future of the fleet.

Høglund is committed to creating smarter, cleaner, more efficient ships – offering customers new levels of performance and reliability, while protecting the environment for future generations.

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