Environment-friendly maritime antifouling solutions

Corrosion has combined two existing technologies: UV-C light technology as a superb technology to prevent fouling and pillow plate technology to provide high-efficient cooling. This has resulted in tailor-made UV-C box coolers.

UV-C technology provides full environmental box cooler fouling protection, even with stagnant water in the box cooler sea chest.

The UV-C cooler can be used for both retrofit and new building. For retrofit, the UV-C cooler is designed to be backwards compatible to the existing box cooler, where for newbuilding, the cooler is custom designed to meet the specifications.

With increased operational efficiency and reduced costs, this solution is reducing the impact- on the environment as well. Corrosion’s UV-C cooler is an innovative fit for companies that wants to meet today’s need for sustainable solutions.

Corrosion also deliver highly sophisticated ICCP offshore wind systems to effectively protect steel wind turbines foundations from corrosion problems. The ICCP anodes work for more than 25 years and without releasing any harmful material into the environment!

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