Operational support – We help you run your business smoothly.

Outsourcing our administration and financial process to M&O Partners has saved us a great amount of bureaucracy and assured an efficient establishment of our company in Brazil. As a result of having our Danish expat working in close corporation with the local M&O team, we were able to concentrate in getting operations up and running quickly and efficient.

René Larsen, CEO, OMC Group

Running Your Operational Support Functions.

We provide solutions for business process outsourcing, including accounting, financial management, company establishment, recruitment and HR management.

Furthermore, M&O Partners provides industrial facility management, administration and development, including day-to- day operations and administration of facilities, and offices and/or work stations as needed.

Why work with us

M&O ensures that you can maintain focus on your business goals while avoiding standard business bottlenecks and spending time on bureaucratic issues.

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