PANASIA CO., LTD. has secured orders from a number of different Korean ship owners for the supply and installation of ballast water management systems.

As a result of the unsettled policy related to a definition of SRA (Same Risk Area) between South Korea, Japan and China, nine Korean ship owners have prepared themselves for the future and opted for Panasia’s BWMS, GloEn-Patrol.  

The total amount of 57 vessels will be installed with the GloEn-Patrol, which features all important capacities and requirements needed by the vessel owners. The installation of the systems is scheduled before the mandatory compliance date (September 8, 2017).

Panasia recognizes the major challenges that vessel owners are facing when it comes to ballast water management systems. This is why Panasia takes all these challenges into consideration when working with its clients, including issues related to physical size, electrical requirement, operational conditions, safety & health risks, and training requirements and hours of work.

One vessel owner described the reason for choosing Panasia’s system due to “advanced, environmentally friendly technology that, thanks to no needs to make use of active substance, is simple to install on special vessels where space is limited.”

Another important point was made by a vessel owners, who opted for the GloEn-Patrol system: “With so many different ballast water treatment technologies and systems available, ship owners do need to be confident that the system selected is not only compliant, but capable of meeting shipspecific operational and budgetary requirements. The technological combination of filtration and ultra violet process at the heart of Panasia’s GloEn-Patrol system is proven technology, capable of handling the high flow rates and variable water quality customer can encounter during operations.”

Panasia’s total sales records now consist of 1,095 contracts. Among these 199 systems for retrofit.