Investigator Course in Rio

2-Day Intermediate Investigator Course

With over 30 years of experience delivering and rolling out global investigation development programmes, Kelvin TOP-SET is a leading authority in the field of incident investigation

The Kelvin TOP-SET system is a straightforward and user-friendly incident investigation system which is suitable for use in the investigation of all levels and types of incidents – from minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips, trips and falls to major catastrophic incidents such as oil spills and explosions.

The Kelvin TOP-SET system is much more than just Root Cause Analysis; it is a complete incident investigation methodology.

What will you learn?

This course teaches attendees the ideas underpinning the TOP-SET methodology, and the specific steps of the process of investigating an incident using TOP-SET. The course covers every aspect of investigating an incident including formulation of the incident statement, planning of the investigation, gathering and storage of data, good practice in interviewing, Storyboarding with Time-line, Root Cause Analysis and formulation of SMART actions.

The TOP-SET system helps users to investigate incidents thoroughly and to solve complex problems by following a simple step-by-step process. Users of the TOP-SET system gain confidence in their own investigative skills and become fully enabled to plan and conduct investigations, collect incident data in a methodical fashion and uncover the real root causes of any incident.

Who can join this course?

The Kelvin TOP-SET 2-Day Intermediate Investigator course is designed for anyone who may be part of an incident investigation team.


16 hours over 2 days

Sign up for the 2-Day Investigator Course at or call ​+55 21 3239 4850.