The Importance of the New Generation G-Valves

8 Unique Advantages of the HIDE Valve

  1. Guiding pin, which makes it work perfectly even under tilted conditions.
  2. Unique disc-float formed for optimal air flow with Integrated lip seal gasket
  • Makes it robust against damages from overfilling.
  • Makes it work with a very low noise level.
  • Make a very high tightness in dipping situations.
  • This disc and pin concept protects the closing function, and makes the HIDE the most reliable in the market.
  1. The Hide valve is small, and not wider than the flange.
  2. The flow area inside is bigger than it has to be according to regulations. This decrease the risk for “suction blocking” and structure break down.
  3. The flame screen has a robust construction and is re-enforced to prevent break down due to water overfill or debris in the water. The screen is also large to minimize pressure drop.
  4. Heating solution. 
  5. Sea water resistant aluminium to prevent corrosion.
  6. Approved by all major classification societies.


About John Gjerde

John Gjerde is a manufacturer of innovative vent check valves. John Gjerde delivers technical solutions for all type of vessels like aluminum high speed patrol boats, tugs, ferries, offshore vessels, high tech FPSO’s and drilling vessels.


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